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Tableau Desktop: Beyond the Basics

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Learning objectives

At the end of this course, you will acquire a deeper understanding of aggregation and granularity, as well as how to leverage LOD calculations and use their power in your analysis. You will also obtain valuable knowledge of several advanced Tableau features related to filtering, dashboard creation, interactivity, and best practices.

- Tableau Desktop: Beginner course or equivalent knowledge of the Tableau desktop tool

Topics covered:

Day 1

With Introductions and validating the participant's access to Tableau Desktop and Sample Superstore dataset

Module 1: Reference Lines - 40 mins w\exercises

  • Using Reference Lines
  • Adding Reference Lines
  • Reference Bands

Module 1: Practice Exercises

  • Creating a Reference Line
  • Reference Line Challenge

Module 2: Using Multiple Measures in View - 40 mins w\exercises

  • Names and Values
  • Combined Axis Chart
  • Practice Exercise - Create a Combines Axis Chart
  • Stacked Marks
  • Dual Axes
  • Visual Cues

Module 2: Practice Exercise

  • Dual Access Challenge

Module 3: Creating and Using Maps - 30 mins w\exercises

  • Mapping in Tableau
  • Navigation and Selection in Maps

Module 3: Practice Exercises

  • Airport Mapping
  • Airport Mapping part 2

Module 4: Introduction to LOD Calculations - 90 mins w\exercises

  • What is Level of Detail
  • LOD Expressions
  • Fixed LOD
  • LOD vs Calculations
  • Order of Operation
  • Additional Resources on LODs

Module 4: Practice Exercise 

  • Customer Order Frequency Challenge
  • New Customer Acquisition Challenge

Knowledge Test

Day 2
Module 1: Advanced Filtering - 60 mins w\exercises

  • Relevant Filters
  • Practice Exercise - Relevant Filters
  • Context Filters
  • Practice Exercise - Context Filters
  • Order of Operations for Filtering in Tableau
  • Rank Filters
  • Practice Exercise - Rank Filters
  • Index, Index vs Rank

Module 2: Dashboards/Interactive Dashboards - 80 mins w\exercises

  • Layout Types
  • Understanding Size
  • Understanding Layout
  • Understanding Containers
  • Design Advice
  • MAD Methodology

Module 2: Group Practice Exercise

  • Create a Dashboard

Module 3: Best Practices - 30 mins 

  • Calculations
  • Worksheets
  • Dashboard Design

Module 4: Visual Analytics - 30 mins w\exercises

  • Memory Limits
  • Visual Representation
  • Patterns vs Numbers

Knowledge Test

Daria Kirilenko

Daria Kirilenko is a subject matter expert in marketing, executive business intelligence and analytics requirements with over seven years of industry experience driving significant business impact.

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