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SQL Basics (Lecture)

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See how SQL is used in different environments. Lecturer will demonstrate SQL statements such as CREATE TABLE, INSERT, UPDATE. Learn to query your database with the SELECT statement, generating reports with useful info.

Prerequisite: Understanding of how data is stored in rows and columns in spreadsheets and databases.

See how SQL is used in databases like MySQL, MS SQL Server, MS Access, Google Sheets, and in the "Cloud". Lecturer will create tables on-the-fly, fill them with data, then pull reports from those tables. You'll see how to count customers by zip code, find average product sales prices, search on wildcards and more.

By the end of the lecture you should understand where you can use SQL and what types of things can be done with it. You will have a better understanding of how data is stored in databases and the impact this has on generating reports.  

Topics covered include:

  • SQL Clients: Command-line, MySQL workbench, SQL Server Management Studio, Toad
  • SQL Environments - MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MS Access, Google Sheets
  • Data Definition Language - Creating and altering tables with SQL
  • Data Manipulation Language - inserting, updated and deleting rows with SQL
  • Reporting with SQL - Using SELECT to pull data from your database, applying filters, calculations, and summaries; joining tables of related data