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Road Map for Project Success: Harnessing the Power of AI with ChatGPT

Class Code Date Delivery Method Cost
  • Tue Jul 16, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
  • Thu Jul 18, 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Live Online - 2 sessions $450

Most Technology Training classes will be delivered online until further notice.

Before each sesson, Tech Training will provide a Zoom link for live online classes, along with any required class materials.

This interactive training workshop is designed for project managers seeking to leverage the capabilities of ChatGPT and other AI technologies to enhance their project management skills.

A basic understanding of project management processes.

The workshop combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on activities, ensuring participants comprehensively understand how AI can transform project management practices.

Discover how AI can dramatically enhance your efficiency, allowing you to focus on strategic decision-making while AI handles routine tasks. Learn to deploy ChatGPT to automate reports, schedule, and perform other time-intensive activities, thereby accelerating project timelines and enhancing productivity.

Understand how AI can help provide deeper insights into cost performance and resource allocation, leading to more accurate budgeting and reduced financial risks.

Explore innovative ways AI can aid in resolving team conflicts and improving collaboration. Gain insights into how AI-driven data analysis can identify team dynamics issues, facilitating more effective communication and problem-solving strategies.

Join us to transform your project management approach and enhance levels of efficiency and success in your projects.

The workshop is designed to provide a practical and structured learning experience for project managers looking to integrate AI technologies like ChatGPT into their project management practices. Topics covered will include:

I. Introduction to AI in Project Management
   A. The Evolution of AI in the Business World
   B. Overview of AI Technologies Relevant to Project Management
   C. Potential and Limitations of AI in Project Management

II. Fundamentals of ChatGPT and AI Tools
   A. Understanding ChatGPT and Its Capabilities
   B. Overview of Other AI Tools and Technologies
   C. Integration of AI Tools into Traditional Project Management Frameworks

III. Enhancing Productivity with AI
   A. AI in Project Planning and Scheduling
   B. Automating Routine Tasks with AI (e.g., Report Generation, Data Analysis)

IV. AI in Cost Management and Budgeting
   A. Predictive Analysis for Budgeting and Resource Allocation
   B. Cost Tracking and Reporting with AI Tools
V. Advanced Project Tracking and Reporting
   A. Real-time Monitoring and Analysis of Project Progress
   B. Using AI for Risk Assessment and Management
   C. AI-Driven Dashboards for Stakeholder Reporting

VI. AI in Team Collaboration and Conflict Resolution
   A. Enhancing Team Communication and Collaboration with AI
   B. AI Tools for Conflict Identification and Resolution

VII. Conclusion and Future Directions
   A. Recap of Key Learnings and Best Practices
   B. The Future of AI in Project Management
   C. Continuing Learning and Development in AI

Participants will have an opportunity to:

1. Understand the fundamentals of AI and its applications in project management.
2. Utilize ChatGPT effectively for various project management tasks.
3. Identify opportunities to improve productivity using AI tools.
4. Implement AI-driven strategies for better cost management.
5. Leverage AI for accurate project tracking and reporting.
6. Apply AI techniques to facilitate conflict resolution and improve team dynamics

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