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Advanced SQL Scripting

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  • Wed Nov 15, 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

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Class Description

Learn the robust features of SQL that allows you to create more efficient / advanced queries. Whether pulling specific data from multiple tables or generating new data using calculations or creating reusable queries, SQL scripting has the tools you need.


This hands-on course is designed for students who need to understand how to create and manipulate the structure and data of a database. Students will complete instructor led activities to gain an understanding of the following:

  • Overview of relational database design.
  • Use sub-queries to optimize queries and generate output.
  • Including functions to convert data types, split dates, and work with NULLs. - Use logical statements like If or Case to create data.
  • Create views, query data through views, modify the view structure, and drop views.
  • Create temporary tables to hold query results, clear data from temporary tables, drop temporary tables.
  • Manipulate table data by inserting and updating records in a table and deleting records from a table.
  • Manipulate the table structure.