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PeopleSoft Training Center


This page provides information for users of the PeopleSoft Student Administration and HR modules. Those who use the PeopleSoft Learning Management System (known as "STARS" at Stanford) should see the Stanford Training and Registration System (STARS) page.

What training do I need to take?

Training is required in order to gain access to the PeopleSoft system. User training is provided primarily through online training modules. All new users must first complete the PeopleSoft Concepts & Compliance training module. Additional training requirements vary depending upon what function(s) you will perform in PeopleSoft:

How do I get access to PeopleSoft?

There are multiple steps in the authority-granting process.

Prospective users of PeopleSoft HR should refer to the HR Management System page for information about obtaining access to the system.

For prospective Student Administration users, the process is as follows:

  1. Complete the required training identified on the PeopleSoft Training Requirements page.
  2. Your manager must submit a request to the Authority Grantor for your School or Business Area specifying the authority to be granted to you. The request must provide your name, SUNet ID, department, and job title/responsibilities.
  3. The Authority Grantor enters role-specific transactions into Authority Manager to indicate the authority to be granted.
  4. An automated process matches the Grantor's entries with training completion certification(s) entered in the system by the Training Administrator, and subsequently establishes the appropriate PeopleSoft security.
Last modified July 27, 2018