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Online Learning Player Support

What is the Online Learning Player?

The Online Learning Player provides animated and interactive demos showing how to perform various business tasks in Stanford's PeopleSoft system. You can view the demos passively in "See It" mode, or go through steps interactively in "Try It" mode.

Using the Online Learning Player

Upon launching the Online Learning Player, you will see a Table of Contents outline on the left side of the window. You can drill down through the table of contents by clicking the "+" buttons to get to the topic you'd like to view.

Playing a topic

Click on any title at any level of the table of contents outline; for most titles you will see related "Concept" information appear on the right side of the window. While not all titles have Concept information, it's a good idea to check for it before continuing to drill down to the individual topic level.

At the fully expanded level of the Table of Contents outline you will see Topic documents, denoted by a "document" icon rather than a "book" icon. Click on a Topic and the "See It" and "Try It" Playback Mode options display in the upper-left of the window.

With your topic selected, click either the See It or Try It button to launch the Player.

  • See It plays the lesson as a self-running demo.
  • Try It is more interactive, requiring you to click on the indicated links and enter values in fields.

Note that Try It also allows you to control the pace of the lesson, whereas See It plays at a set speed.

Tips for using the Player

Click the Pause button that appears in any of the instruction text bubbles in See It mode to pause playback.

Things moving a little too slowly for you in See It mode? Press your Enter key to advance forward to the next step/frame.

Click the Actions button in any of the instruction text bubbles within Try It mode to access additional playback controls:

Pressing the ESC key on your keyboard at any time in any mode will end playback and return you to the Table of Contents outline.

You may notice that the PeopleSoft Menu you see in the demos is much longer than what you see when logged on to PeopleSoft yourself; this is because each user sees only those menu options that are available to him or her based on user security. So don't worry if your list isn't as long as the ones you see in the demos!

Browser requirements for the Player

  • Windows users can run the Online Learning Player in Internet Explorer or FireFox.
  • Mac users must be using FireFox to run the Player.

Pop-up blockers must be turned off in order for the Player to run successfully. Windows users who have turned off pop-up blockers but still have trouble getting the Player to launch often have success by holding down the CTRL key as they click the See It or Try It buttons.

Last modified July 27, 2018