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PeopleSoft Support Resources

Browser and desktop requirements

Accessed via the web, Stanford's PeopleSoft system is not platform-specific but does work best with recommended browsers. Students, faculty, and staff all interact with the PeopleSoft system via the Axess portal, which authenticates users by SUNet ID and verifies their system authority. Guest access is available for applicants, parents, and others for a few limited functions.

The following browsers are certified to work with Axess/PeopleSoft 9:

Application IE Firefox Safari Chrome
Axess (student enrollment and faculty grading) 11+ 24+ 6+ 35+
PeopleSoft Version 9 (HR & Student Administration) 11+ 24+ 6+ 35+
STARS (training registration) 11+ 17+ 5+ 24+

Users are strongly encouraged to use these recommended browsers, as other browsers may not be fully compatible with Axess/PeopleSoft. In addition:

  • Pop-up blockers must be turned off
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Javascript must be enabled

If you experience problems logging into the Axess portal, first try clearing your browser cache before submitting a Help request for assistance.

Students, faculty, and advisors can find detailed information about using Axess on the Registrar's Office website. Staff are encouraged to see the PeopleSoft Training Center page for more information.

System updates and announcements

  • Student Administration users

    Users of PeopleSoft Student Administration are encouraged to subscribe to the studadmin@lists email list to receive updates about the Student Administration system and related business processes and policies. Self-subscribe at /

  • HR users

    University HR maintains the email list for all HR Users. See the Human Resources Management System page for more information.

  • Postdoc Web Forms users

    Users of the Postdoc Web Forms should subscribe to to receive updates about the postdoc web forms system and related business processes and policies. Self-subscribe at


If you have questions about access, training, or using the PeopleSoft application, please submit a Help request. Be as complete and descriptive as possible about your issue.

Last modified February 25, 2022