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Using Pager Features

Your pager's features and how to use them

Covering  — Enter another person's paging ID to which the system transfers your callers. After they enter your ID number, the system tells them that someone else is covering your pages and then the system can page the "covering" person.

Paging status — Change your paging status to reflect your current paging availability. Callers hear your status setting when they attempt to page you.

Password — Set or change a paging ID password to help prevent others from changing your feature settings. After you set a password, the system prompts you for it each time you dial in to change your settings.

Personal greeting — Record a personal greeting that callers hear when they call in to page you. You can use this message to provide them with more detailed information beyond your paging status.

Referral — Enter a telephone number to which the system refers people when they enter your pager ID number. The system notifies them to contact you at this number.

Spoken name — Record your name. The recording plays back when callers page you to verify that they entered the correct ID.

Last modified May 8, 2013