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Share a File in Google Drive Publicly

You can make files in Google Drive available to the public on the internet. You can choose whether people can only view the file, or if they can comment or make changes to it.

Sharing files in Google Drive

When sharing content, you can set the level of access that other people have to your files. There are two methods to share content within Google Drive: 

  • Share with people and groups: Grant access to specific individuals you want to collaborate with on the file.
  • Get link: Grant access to anyone who has the link to the file, even those you don't know personally.

Visit Share files from Google Drive for more information.

Generate a shareable link

If link sharing is used, in My Drive or a Shared drive, you control how widely the file is shared:

  • Restricted: Only specific people you share the file with will be able to use it. By default,  the link is set to Restricted.
  • Stanford University: Anyone at Stanford University with the link can access the file. Link access can be set to ViewerCommenter, or Editor permissions.
  • Anyone with the link: Anyone on the internet who has the link can access the file without logging in to their Google Account. Link access can be set to ViewerCommenter, or Editor permissions.

Create a public URL 

You can create a public URL to your file so anyone with the link can use it. To get started, open the document you want to share and follow these steps.

  1. At the top right, click Share to bring up the sharing dialog box.

  2. Under Get link in the sharing dialog box, click Change.

  3. Click the dropdown menu and select "Anyone with the link."

  4. Click the dropdown menu select Viewer.

  5. From Anyone with the link can view, click Copy link and Done at the bottom of the window.
  6. Copy and paste the link any place you want to share it.
Last modified December 14, 2021