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Powered by Google, New Service Helps You Send Emails to a Group

Monday, November 9, 2020

Get Acquainted with Google Groups

If you frequently send emails to the same group of people within the campus community, check out the new Google Groups mailing list service.

Our new request form makes it easy to get started.

We’re excited to introduce a newly reinvigorated Google Groups mailing list management service, which supports Stanford’s mailing list management needs and is now the recommended solution for list management.

All Stanford community members with a full-service SUNetID can request a Google Groups mailing list by submitting the new provisioning form. Step-by-step instructions for how to manage a list and FAQs will help you quickly get up to speed using the new service.

Although we strongly encourage you to create new mailing lists with Google Groups, certain functionality is only supported in Mailman. Therefore, Mailman will continue to be offered as a legacy service. We’ve created an information page to help you understand when you might need to use Mailman.

Three reasons you’ll like Google Groups mailing lists

With this new list management service supported by Google, you’ll be able to send to a group using just a single email address. What's more, managing your list can be done online with just a few clicks. Google Groups mailing lists integrates with other Google apps for enhanced collaboration and convenience.

Infographic showing why users like Google Groups mailing lists.

Powered by Google

Google provides support and maintenance.

Intuitive Interface

Interface is clean and simple, for easy online list management.

Google App Integrations

Seamless integration with Google Drive and other apps improves collaboration.

Why we are phasing out Mailman

Mailing lists play a vital role in day-to-day operations at Stanford, so it’s important we use a service that’s modern and reliable.

For years, we relied on Mailman for list service management; however, it resides on a highly customized platform that is practically impossible to upgrade. Consolidating our lists in Google Groups will enhance service capability and reduce security risks. 

As we roll out the Google Groups mailing list service, we’re also cleaning up Mailman. We’re asking list owners and administrators to review inactive Mailman mailing lists and delete those that are no longer needed. Although this effort will help with a future transition, no date to end the Mailman service has been determined.

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