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New IT Resilience Toolkit for Disaster Preparedness and Response

Monday, May 1, 2023

Who is passionate about planning for the unexpected? Who experiences an adrenaline rush when the lights flicker? Who relishes analyzing service designs looking for resiliency gaps? Your IT Resilience team, that’s who!

IT Resilience defines procedures, creates tools, and leverages partnerships to increase emergency response preparedness and service resiliency across University IT (UIT) and Stanford.

“The events and experiences of the last few years have demonstrated the paramount importance of campus resilience,” said Steve Gallagher, university chief information officer. “UIT is pleased to provide procedures, tools, and other capabilities in support of ensuring academic and business continuity for the Stanford community."

Additionally, IT Resilience oversees a comprehensive portfolio of Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR) programs and exercises that were founded by a multi-year Business Affairs initiative. This initiative included these five elements: Workforce Assessment Survey, Disaster Recovery Plan Program, Criticality Assessment Program, Business Impact Analysis Program, and Continuity Planning Program.

IT Resilience Toolkit

For a closer look at BC/DR programs, tools, and shared resources across UIT and Stanford, take a peek at the newly designed IT Resilience Toolkit.

The toolkit dives into each IT Resilience program, including:

  • Business Impact Analysis Program
  • UIT Disaster Recovery Plan Program
  • Criticality Assessment Program
  • UIT Annual Health Care Tabletop Exercise
  • UIT Annual Disaster Recovery Exercise
  • Security Incident Response Exercise
  • Problem Management Process
  • Service Criticality Tools

In addition to program overviews, the toolkit provides Stanford emergency preparedness information and resources, such as the Department Operations Center coordination and planning and IT service/power outage guidance. The toolkit also includes information about UIT's Service Release Process (SRP), which ensures IT services are production-ready and resilient upon release. The IT Resilience team plays a significant role in the SRP, which is managed by UIT's Client Experience and Solutions team.

Your partner and champion

The IT Resilience team is committed to continually improving our ability to serve UIT and the Stanford community. The team is led by IT Resilience Manager Julie Schloss with the support of IT Resilience Coordinator Jay Khan and Senior Director of IT Facilities Infrastructure & Resilience Matthew Ricks.

If you have questions or feedback about IT resilience support, please reach us at

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