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Google Drive Now Approved for Use with High Risk (non-PHI) Data

Friday, August 10, 2018

You can now use Google Drive and Google Team Drive to store High Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office, with the exception of Protected Health Information (PHI). Previously, you could only store Low and Moderate Risk Data in these collaboration tools.

Individuals working with PHI must continue using Stanford Medicine Box or other approved file-sharing tools for PHI.

Data classifications

Stanford classifies its information assets into risk-based categories for the purpose of determining who is allowed to access the information and what security precautions must be taken to protect it against unauthorized access.

Visit the Risk Classifications website for more details about the various data classifications and to see examples of each.

Collaboration tools recommendations

University IT (UIT) offers many tools, like Google Drive, to help teams work better together, whether they are sitting in the same room, across campus, or even miles apart.

For more information about these tools and which ones might best meet your needs, please see the new Collaboration Tools website.

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