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Don’t Forget About Dashlane

Dashlane password manager is available for free for Stanford individuals and teams
Friday, June 14, 2024

As part of our commitment to IT security, Stanford provides many tools and services to protect our data. One to add to your toolbox? Dashlane—a secure password manager that can be used to generate and store usernames and passwords, passkeys, credit card information, personal notes, and other secrets.

Stanford offers two different versions of Dashlane, free of charge:

How does Dashlane help?

With Dashlane, it's easy to store and generate unique passwords for each of your accounts, helping to avoid the risks that come with reusing the same password across multiple sites. Your information is stored on your device using advanced encryption. 

Whenever a website prompts you to register, Dashlane can generate a complex password unique to that company or application. Your username and password can then be entered automatically for those login pages for which Dashlane has login information stored. 

Dashlane also monitors the dark web on your behalf and will alert you when it detects weak, reused, or compromised passwords.

Dashlane’s zero-knowledge patented encryption keeps your information from being visible to Dashlane or anyone at Stanford. Your passwords can only be accessed by you, unless you explicitly share them with a trusted person.

You can install Dashlane on your phone, computers, tablets and other devices, including personally owned devices. Plug-ins are available for all major browsers. 

Play this short video by Dashlane for a few more details:

Key features and benefits

With Dashlane Premium, you can:

  • Protect, manage, and access your confidential information using a web browser or your mobile device. 
  • Use biometrics (like Touch ID or Face ID) to unlock Dashlane.
  • Generate strong, complicated and unique passwords for every website. If any given website is compromised, hackers can’t use those stolen credentials elsewhere.
  • Avoid typos and frustration by letting Dashlane enter your credentials, payment info, and personal details into websites.
  • Track whether your information has been discovered on the dark web or included in a major cybersecurity incident. Know when you need to change passwords.
  • Fill out forms with one click.
  • Share selected information and credentials with your family, friends, and colleagues.

When using Dashlane Teams, you’ll have all of the above features and benefits, plus:

  • Stop sharing credentials and secure information over email, in online documents, or via messaging.
  • Manage and control for access to your team’s shared credentials, API keys, certificates, and other workgroup-specific secrets.
  • Keep individuals’ personal credentials and passwords separate and inaccessible to other teammates.

Altogether, these features help keep information private, limit exposure, thwart phishing attacks, and alert you to potential threats. 

Begin using Dashlane  

To begin using the individual version (Dashlane Premium), visit and enter your Stanford email address. 

To request a Dashlane Teams account for your team, please submit a Help request.

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