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Celebrating Diversity Through Proper Pronunciation with NameCoach

Monday, December 11, 2023

When we make an effort to correctly pronounce someone’s name, we let them know they are seen and respected as a valuable member of the Stanford community.

To help ensure your encounters with unfamiliar names go smoothly — and to offer a convenient way to guide others in saying your name — we’re excited to announce the campus-wide rollout of NameCoach, a tool currently used by students.

NameCoach is a web-based platform that enables you to record your name pronunciation, in your voice. Your recording will be available to authenticated users in your StanfordWho directory listing, allowing others to learn how you like your name pronounced. Likewise, you can explore listings to discover the correct pronunciations of others' names.

How NameCoach works

  • Once an individual has recorded their name pronunciation, a sound icon will appear in the directory listing to the right of their name in the top banner of the StanfordWho directory listing.
  • To listen to a name pronunciation, click “Hear my name” under the profile image.

How to add a recorded name to your directory listing 

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