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Axess Update: Message to the Campus Community

Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Earlier this month, our systems supporting class registration suffered a major outage that resulted in the disruption of student registration for Autumn 2022 classes. This was a result of a major upgrade to Axess in August. 

Since early September, periodic disruptions to Axess have occurred as University IT has been working diligently to address the technical processes related to class enrollment. I want to share an update on what we’ve learned and next steps. 

For the Sept. 1 enrollment outage, we determined that a bug was introduced in the portal tier through components provided by a vendor during our recent upgrade. This bug caused compounding performance issues and overwhelmed the underlying legacy environment, causing the system to crash. This bug was verified last week, when the system exhibited a degradation in performance when students began to adjust their class schedules. 

We have a team singularly focused on resolving this issue with our vendor in preparation for Winter 2023 class enrollment, and I will share additional updates with the community in the weeks ahead.

We appreciate your patience as we continue to investigate and resolve this issue and move toward a better enrollment experience for our students. 

Steve Gallagher
University Chief Information Officer

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