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Firefox Requirements

Firefox certification matrix

The table below outlines the currently certified Browser, Desktop Client Operating System, and JRE streams with minimum versions, where applicable:

Browser Version

Windows 7/8.1/10

Firefox ESR 52.x to 60.x

1.8.0_102 or higher

Pop-up blocker

Certain content within Oracle Financials requires pop-ups to function in the browser. If you are blocking pop-ups through your browser settings, add your URL ( and ) as an allowed exception under:

  • Options >Content >Pop-ups > Exceptions (button)
  • Tools > Pop-up Blocker > Pop-up Blocker Settings > Allowed Sites

Install Java 1.8.0_102

If you don't have the latest version of Java, you'll receive an error message.

If the Java plug-in is not enabled correctly in Firefox, you may receive this error message.

How to activate Java on Firefox2

1. Launch Firefox and click Add-ons > Plugins. There may be multiple Java items for Java8.

2. On the "Java(TM) Platform SE 8 Uxxx"  (where xxx is specific version), select the option Always Activate.  

3. Activate Java 8 u102 or higher.”

Note: If you do not find the Java 8 u102 or higher in the plugin page you have to uninstall, download and install the java 8 once again and verify it is added and activate it after installation.

Firefox: Importing an SSL Certificate

To trust the certificate authority and to stop this error page appearing on future logins, add an exception:

1. Click the 'Add Exception...' button and the 'Add Security Exception' window should open.


2. Check 'Permanently store this exception'.

If this checkbox is grayed out you will first need to turn on History (this can be turned off again after trusting the certificate) as follows: Tools > Options > Privacy > Set Firefox will: Remember history. Click OK.

3. Click the Confirm Security Exception button.

SSL Warning Message: "The connection to this website is untrusted"

If you are using an SSL certificate that is not from one of the standard recognized Certificate Authorities (CA), for example your own in-house CA you may see the following pop-up when launching Java content.

To prevent this message appearing copy your SSL root certificate to the desktop then import it into the Java 'Secure Site CA' certificate store.



Last modified February 25, 2019