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Virtual Server Support Details

University IT supports the Virtual Server infrastructure on a 24/7 basis.

Supported guest operating systems

Virtual servers (also known as a VM, or virtual machines) are available running modern versions of Linux and Windows Server.

Supported data classifications

University IT’s virtual server service offering is available for Low, Moderate, and High Risk Data types. Please see the Information Security Office's Risk Classifications page for more information. Different monthly recurring rates are applied.

VM configurations

University IT’s virtual server service offering has no set sizes or configuration. The VMs are charged depending on the CPU and Memory required. All VMs include 32GB of disk storage, primarily intended for the operating system. Additional storage is available; for more information, see Server Disk Storage.


This service includes three snapshots at no additional charge. Snapshots preserve the current state of the virtual machine, allowing for quick reversion to a previous state. While this does not replace using backup software to prevent data loss, it's helpful for development and provides a layer of security when applying patches, updates or making major changes.

Last modified April 14, 2023