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1:1 Training

These highly successful 1:1 Training sessions can be the answer to your training needs at your location or our training room, Birch Hall, Room 103.

Get your 1:1 Training in two easy steps

  1. Visit the 1:1 Training Dates and Topics page and identify the best date and time for your session

  2. Fill out a Training Session Plan to let us know about you and your learning objectives

    • The fees are: $375 for a 90-minute session, or $650 for a 3-hour session. For payment, you may use STAP, Departmental PTA, or Hospital Tuition Assistance funds. 

Cancellation policy

You must cancel your 1:1 Training session at least five full business days prior to the training session in order to get your fee refunded.

How did we do?

After you've completed your 1:1 Training session, please complete the online evaluation form.


Listen to what these folks had to say about their 1:1 Training experience:

" I thought the session was great and loved that it was personalized to my needs.  The pace was perfect for me.”

"Personalized instruction was very helpful. It enabled me to learn at exactly my level, rather than pure beginner or advanced."

"Thank you! You made this so easy and simple to learn, un-intimidating and straight-forward."

"Terrific on all levels from beginning to end!"

"The instructor was very patient."

Last modified March 24, 2017