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LNA Duties

Basic Duties

Provide first level of support for the following:

  • Understand the computing needs of your department and/or building
  • Assign and manage IP addresses with NetDB
  • Maintain accurate and up-to-date NetDB entries on systems such as their operating systems, locations, and user information.
  • Provide users with assistance in downloading and installing the Essential Stanford Software
  • Troubleshoot most network problems
    • Provide desktop and server network configuration and maintenance: IP address, gateway, subnet mask, name servers, network cards
    • Be familiar with network utilities such as ping, traceroute and others
    • TCP/IP: basic understanding of IP addressing, DNS, DHCP
    • Ethernet: basic understanding of hardware (MAC) addresses and switching
  • Provide information to users about basic SUNet services and network security
  • Act as point person for computer problems within the department if local assistance is needed from the Help Desk, Network Engineering or the Stanford Information Security Office.

Additional Duties

For those departments maintaining any of their own network equipment:

  • Install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot network equipment such as switches and cables
  • Maintain spare equipment in case of failures
  • Maintain accurate network maps
  • Plan for and replace networking equipment on a periodic basis (every five years is suggested)
Last modified July 14, 2022