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Becoming an LNA

Joining the LNA Program

Local Network Administrators (LNAs) are designated by their departments to support the local networks in their academic or administrative area. To join the LNA program please have your supervisor submit a help ticket asking that you be made an LNA. Official LNAs are then added to the NetAdmin mailing list and gain access to the Stanford network registration database NetDB.

When You Are Not Available

Like everyone else, LNAs are periodically away from work for vacations or other purposes. Emergency LNA functions, when no LNA is available or designated, is a charged service. It is therefore in your and your department's best interest to designate someone to act as a backup LNA during those times you are unavailable. During your absence, your email and voice mail vacation messages should direct others to your backup and not to a member of Network Engineering.

Your backup will need to know enough about your network to quickly and efficiently troubleshoot any problems that may arise. They will also need to know how to request assistance from Network Engineering and have adequate familiarity with your network topology and documentation. Ensure that your backup is also a part of the LNA program so they are as trained and informed as you are. This mutual support structure will insure that your network will continue to run as efficiently as possible while allowing you, the LNA, the maximum scheduling flexibility.

Contact and Interaction with Network Engineering

Your primary contact with Network Engineering will be your Departmental Network Engineer (DNE). They are there to assist you with all of the consulting services detailed in the Departmental Network Engineering document. While submitting a help request is the preferred contact method, DNE's may be contacted directly via telephone or email.

Last modified April 14, 2023