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Google Drive and Box Comparison

Most of the features of Google Drive and Box are very similar; we recommend you use the tool that is best for your team.

The primary similarities between Google Drive and Box are:

  • Can be used to store Low Risk and Moderate Risk Data only; not for use with High Risk Data.
  • Available to Stanford community members with a full-service SUNet ID.
  • Able  to view documents online.
  • Uses a folder structure.
  • Mobile aware.
  • A sync tool is available for Mac, Windows, and mobile devices.
  • Able to limit permissions to individuals or display to everyone.
  • Allows comments/feedback.
  • Integrated with Stanford workgroups

The primary differences between Google Drive and Box are shown in the following table:

Feature Google Drive Box
Free storage Unlimited storage Unlimited storage
Real-time edition and collaboration Yes No
Extensive document preview formats No Yes
Ownership Creator of document Owner of folder
Groups Only individuals own folders A group or an individual can own a folder
Last modified January 23, 2017