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SWDE Installation Requirements for Mac OS X

The following settings will be changed on your computer when you run the SWDE installer.

Requirement Set Enforce

1.1 Remote Apple Events disabled

This is a seldom used, legacy technology that has been replaced by other, more secure remote connectivity tools. Having it enabled, unless specifically used, increases the vulnerability of the system to external compromise.

Yes Yes

1.2 Apple File Sharing disabled

Personal File Sharing allows file sharing via AFP.

Yes No

1.3 Apple Remote Desktop disabled

Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) client allows remote users to connect to the Mac. Unlike SSH, ARD allows access via the graphical user interface.

Yes No

1.4 BigFix installed

BigFix is Stanford's patch management system and is used to enforce settings. For more information see the BigFix web site.

Yes Yes

1.5 FTP disabled

This setting allows users of other computers to exchange files with the computer using FTP applications.

Yes No

1.6 Personal Web Sharing disabled

Web servers are the most frequently exploited systems on the Internet, and they represent a high security risk. Stanford provides a robust and universally accessible web storage facility in AFS that is sufficient for most users for Stanford business.

Yes No

1.7 Remote Login disabled

Remote login allows remote access via an encrypted TCP/IP connection using the SSH protocol.

Yes No

1.8 Require a password when waking from sleep, hibernation, or screen saver

You will be required to enter your password when the computer wakes from sleep, hibernation or from a screen saver. This requirement takes effect 5 seconds after the screen saver starts or the computer goes to sleep.

Yes Yes

1.9 Screen Saver

The screen saver will be configured to lock the screen after 15 minutes of user inactivity. If the computer will never be used to access High Risk Data, this period may be increased to 1 hour.

Yes Yes

1.10 Stanford Anti-Malware installed

The most current version of Stanford Anti-Malware must be installed. Download from Essential Stanford Software.

Yes No

1.11 Windows File Sharing disabled

Windows file sharing allows file sharing via SMB.
Yes No
Last modified May 21, 2019