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More about Disk-Based Replication

Disk-Based Replication is not a tape based backup system. The data is backed up and recovered from an active storage disk system. File versions, backups, and restores are the responsibility of the data owner.

Disk-Based Replication uses the File Storage or Secure  File Storage service to store the backup files.

An essential factor to the lower cost of Disk-Based Replication over BaRS (Backup an Recovery Service) is that there is no tape backup and thus there is no tape backup copy sent off site. However, there is an option to subscribe to an additional backup copy on an active disk system at a remote site.

The risk of losing data is higher with Disk-Based Replication than with BaRS (the tape based solution).

For interested clients, a customized migration plan and backup and recovery procedures can be created for the backups. The automatic functions and options that are available via the BaRS service have to be custom created for the Disk-Based Replication service based on the unique client requirements. The client is responsible for monitoring of the replication and backup processes to the target File Storage systems.

Scheduled maintenance

  • The window for scheduled maintenance is on Sunday between noon and 6 p.m.
  • Scheduled maintenance, required for reconfiguration of the storage arrays, is performed about two or three times a year.
  • Hardware is refreshed regularly on a rotational basis at the end of the warranty cycle or about once every three years.
  • Change Management requests will be submitted for any scheduled maintenance.
Last modified October 13, 2014