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Change Management Notification

Self-subscribe to (and unsubscribe from) Change Management notification.

If you’re interested in receiving notifications for Change Requests, you may use the ServiceNow (ITIL view) to configure notifications.

  • After logging into the ITIL forms in ServiceNow, use the gear icon on the right side of the page (after your name).
  • Select "Notifications"
  • Select "Create Personal Notifications"
  • Scroll down to/select "Change Request"
  • Select when to be notified, suggestion: Select "SU- Change Request in Scheduled"
  • Select the ">" next to the notification type "Primary email" which will open more options
  • Select the Advanced filter and build a standard ServiceNow query for which Changes you'd like to receive.
    • Select table "Change Request [change_request]
    • To receive notifications on specific Services, select Condition: "Service" = <your favorite Service"
      • click on or to add more "Services" or
      • click on "New Criteria" to add other conditions (Created by <favorite user> for example).
Last modified January 7, 2022