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More about BaRS

Data backup schedule

The University IT Backup and Recovery Service (BaRS) is a centralized, network-based file backup system for  servers. This service, which uses the TSM product from IBM, has been in use at Stanford since 1997.

Backups are scheduled Monday through Friday and can be scheduled to run at one of the following times:

  • 9 a.m.
  • 12 Noon
  • 3 p.m.
  • 6 p.m.
  • 9 p.m.
  • 12 Midnight
  • 3 a.m.

Data backup retention schedule

The first BaRS backup backs up all local  files on the client unless they are excluded. The software checks for differences in the file structure in subsequent backups. After the initial backup, only new or CHANGED files are backed up, and deleted files are removed from the current backup.

Three versions of files are held in the backup system:

  • the current file or most recently active and backed up version
  • the next most recently backed up version, and
  • the version backed up previous to that.

After 30 days the oldest version is removed from the backup system to make room for more current backups. In other words, if a backup results in more than two inactive versions, the oldest inactive version is removed from the system. An unchanged file will be kept indefinitely.

Data recovery

You can initiate a data restore at any time, day or night, using the Restore feature of the TSM Backup software. You may also request that a University IT consultant help you with the restore. Note that the restore of a single file might take only a few minutes; the restore of an entire system may take several hours to several days depending upon size of stored data.

Data security

Client data is secure; with the exception of University IT Systems Administrators, who administer the backup system, only you have access to your data. University IT System Administrators must have access to the data in order to operate the service, however, they are bound by strict confidentiality agreements and by University policy to protect the security of the data. All backup data is encrypted in transit and at rest while being stored in cloud storage. 

Please review the documents linked below for more information on data security considerations:


While easy to use, BaRS can be complex to install and configure. A departmental system administrator or a University IT consultant must perform the initial installation and set up.


The backup service is monitored 24x7 for performance and component failures. Storage systems personnel are alerted to failures and respond to alerts. A BaRS Administrator, usually your departmental Local Network Administrator, must be designated for each backup node.


To cancel BaRS service, submit an OrderIT request. Be sure to provide the name of the machine(s) that should no longer be backed up.

Last modified September 30, 2020