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Admin Access Manager

Central location to manage elevated roles for Active Directory and Microsoft 365

In September 2024, rates will change for several technology services provided by University IT. View proposed FY25 rate changes.

The Admin Access Manager is a web application that integrates with Authority Manager to manage the request and approval workflows for accounts with administrative privileges, or elevated roles, across Active Directory and Microsoft 365. 

The tool currently allows you to manage the following system admin roles:

  • Active Directory: Domain Admin
  • Active Directory: Enterprise Admin 
  • Active Directory: Schema Admin  
  • Microsoft 365: Global Admin


  • Allows role owners to approve or revoke  requests for administrative access and manage all applicable system roles
  • Allows managers to approve or revoke requests for administrative access
  • Allows account owners to request administrative access
  • Allows account owners to transfer ownership to another person
  • Automates the process for verifying and justifying administrative accounts, as well as notifying the managers and role owners on a three-month cycle
  • Automates the the process for disabling and removing accounts that are no longer qualified to mitigate security vulnerabilities

Designed for

Individuals who need accounts with administrative privileges for databases, servers, and other parts of Stanford’s IT infrastructure and services


Only Staff and Sponsored affiliates with full access (not base level) can log in and request an account and role



Free of charge


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Only Staff and Sponsored affiliates with full access (not base level) can log into Admin Access Manager to see what admin roles they have been granted in Active Directory or Microsoft 365 or request new ones.

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Get more information about how authority is granted across university administrative systems

Last modified March 4, 2024