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Welcome, Wiz

The cloud security platform is now available for all Cardinal Cloud accounts
Thursday, June 15, 2023

Roll out the red carpet! Get those giant ribbon-cutting scissors!

After a phased rollout that began in March this year, cloud security platform Wiz is now ready for the spotlight as the latest security enhancement available through Stanford’s Cardinal Cloud.

Wiz helps cloud account users recognize, understand, prioritize, and address cybersecurity risks. It is available through all three Cardinal Cloud infrastructure service providers at Stanford: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Microsoft Azure. 

Everyone who uses the cloud at Stanford is responsible for securing their resources, and Wiz is now the preferred tool to flag security concerns.

For access to the Wiz console, submit a Help request. Be sure to include your primary workgroup and the names or identifiers of your cloud accounts. 

Why Wiz?

Through a user-friendly visual display, Wiz explains the urgency of any potential risks and provides guidance on how to take action , making security management clearer for account holders. Risks that Wiz can identify include:

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Malware
  • Configuration errors
  • Compliance issues, such as lack of encryption

Wiz is able to compile this information by securely connecting to cloud accounts and using read-only scanning and temporary snapshots to analyze resources. There’s nothing to install or configure, and new accounts are automatically included. There’s no charge to use Wiz as a Cardinal Cloud user, though individual cloud accounts will incur a negligible monthly cost (typically pennies) for the temporary snapshot storage.

For more details on how Wiz works, check out the Wiz FAQs

Wiz for the Win!

From the early phases of Stanford’s Wiz rollout, Wiz has already identified thousands of high severity and critical issues. This is helping University IT and cloud account users with Cardinal Cloud to be proactive and address vulnerabilities.

To use Wiz at Stanford, your account must be part of Cardinal Cloud. So, if you haven’t already joined your standalone AWS, GCP, or Azure account to Cardinal Cloud, now is a great time to do so. You’ll get discounts, convenience, and access to security tools (like Wiz!). 

To get started, either request Wiz with this ServiceNow form or head to the Wiz service page and click the “Request” button in the banner.

Learn more

  • Wiz 
  • Wiz FAQs
  • Join communities on Slack to ask questions and learn more:
    • #cop-wiz
    • #cop-cloud
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