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StanfordWho Lookup on the Go

Monday, November 12, 2018

Stanford faculty, staff, students, and affiliates can now use the Rimeto application on a mobile device to look up colleagues in the Stanford/Affiliates view of the StanfordWho directory.

StanfordWho is the web application that allows you to search the Stanford directory of faculty, staff, students and sponsored affiliates at Stanford University and the Stanford hospitals for contact and organization information. StanfordWho displays both a public directory and a restricted Stanford/Affiliates view that usually contains more detailed information.

While the public search feature of StanfordWho has been available for a while on the Stanford Mobile app, you can now download and use the Rimeto mobile app to search the Stanford/Affiliates view when you log in. The app then stores a session token for quicker access in the future.

Full functionality in the palm of your hand

When you are logged in, the Rimeto mobile app provides the full functionality of the StanfordWho web view on your mobile device, including:

  • A link to an automated organization chart, which lets you see where a colleague fits into Stanford’s organizational structure
  • Buttons to call or email a colleague directly from your device
  • A button to find a colleague’s work location on Google Maps

The Rimeto app is available online for download from the App Store or Google Play.

The expanded mobile search feature is just the latest improvement to StanfordWho. UIT moved StanfordWho to the cloud-based application Rimeto in July 2018 to provide a scalable, cost-efficient, secure, and resilient directory solution for the university. In October, UIT added a navigable, automated organization chart to StanfordWho, and an integration with Slack is planned for the future.

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