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Check out new directory features and functionality
Thursday, July 12, 2018

Next time you log into the StanfordWho directory ( in the Stanford/Affiliates view, you will see a new display, features and functionality. 

Some enhancements include:

  • Visibility into your role and department in the organization. Your department(s) will appear on your profile, and you will see associated departments of anyone you look up in the directory.
  • The ability to search the Stanford directory by keyword topics. This allows you to search for Stanford colleagues by area of work or specialty.
  • Your visible Stanford Profiles (Community Academic Profiles, or CAP) photo. For those who do not have a visible Stanford Profile photo, you will see a Stanford stock image.

Learn more about the new StanfordWho changes and features on the Changes to StanfordWho page.

What is StanfordWho?

StanfordWho, formally known as Stanford People and Organization Search, is the web application that allows you to search the Stanford directory of faculty, staff, students and sponsored affiliates at Stanford University and the Stanford hospitals to view contact and organization information.

StanfordWho displays both a public directory and a restricted Stanford/Affiliates view. You must be logged in with your SUNet ID to search in the Stanford/Affiliates view, and experience these new enhancements.

StanfordWho, what, where, when, why?

Almost 20 years old, StanfordWho was built by Stanford’s then central IT business unit, Information Technology Systems and Services (ITSS). It was introduced to the Stanford community as a robust web-based people and organization search application.

Like many core Stanford systems, StanfordWho integrates with a software database called LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol), the home to all Stanford University directory information — faculty, staff, students, retirees, and affiliates (not including hospital staff). Today, StanfordWho searches over 73,000 total people through the LDAP integration.

As a cloud-based application, the new StanfordWho will provide a scalable, cost-efficient, secure and resilient directory solution for the university. StanfordWho, ServiceNow and Stanford WebLogin are just a few of the recent projects that are part of UIT’s Cloud Transformation initiative.

StanfordWho timeline

Over the past two decades, StanfordWho experienced only a handful of front end design updates and enhancements, including new fields, login selection screen, and restricted search updates. Take a stroll with us down memory lane on the timeline below!


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