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New Changes Add Ease, Efficiency to the Process for Ordering IT Services

Friday, November 12, 2021

We’re working on an exciting multi-year project to streamline the ordering process for all University IT services. You can expect to see:

  • enhanced technology to help you order services more efficiently, and
  • an updated approach to authority related to ordering and viewing billing details.

New platform, new benefits coming soon

Soon we’ll start transitioning the ordering process for all University IT (UIT) services to a single, state-of-the-art platform: ServiceNow, the tool that currently powers the Stanford Services & Support portal. This will enable faculty, university and hospital staff, and students to find and request all UIT services from one place — instead of navigating between multiple platforms. We’ll further optimize the process by updating our ordering forms and the way we manage fulfillment.  

Paging Services will be the first service to switch to ServiceNow, with a transition date of January 2022. Look for announcements as other services move to the new platform. Refer to Where to Order IT Services for the latest information.

Transitioning to the Authority Manager app

We’ve changed how employees get authority to place orders and review billing details for all UIT services, including services still being requested through OrderIT.

As of Nov. 13, 2021, employees must be granted authority through Authority Manager, a web-based application. This will eliminate the burden of submitting a ticket to request authority. Using Authority Manager helps us make the process more efficient for everyone — and here’s why:

  • The university can have its own authority to cascade to lower-level orgs.
  • Departments are empowered to manage their own user’s authority for ordering and reporting.
  • Individuals who need a specific authority can easily find out who has it or can grant it.

New changes for authority roles and processes

With the move to Authority Manager, different types of authority will be required for ordering and reporting. The table below provides a high-level summary. For a detailed description of roles and privileges, refer to How to Request Authority for OrderIT and ServiceNow.

How authority is granted Submit a ServiceNow ticket Authority Manager
Who can grant authority UIT RevOps User who has grantable authority for their department
Authority roles One authority gives you access to order, view existing services, "approve," and run billing reports Three separate authority roles (Request Viewer, Request Approver, Request Reporting)
Approval routing No approval routing because only authorized users can order in OrderIT If not a Request Approver, there will be approval routing since forms opened to anyone with SUNetID.
Authority to university orgs are cascading Need to grant access to each org to have authority If you have authority to an org, it will include authority to lower-level orgs
System for requesting UIT billable services OrderIT (PMG) OrderIT (PMG) & ServiceNow (until all services are transitioned to ServiceNow)
Authority mapping in each system Only one system, so not applicable With two systems, each authority role means slightly different access in each system
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