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Leap Ahead with Cardinal Cloud

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Introducing a new gateway to cloud services at Stanford. Whether you are new to the cloud or highly experienced, Cardinal Cloud helps you quickly find what you need.

The Cardinal Cloud website is the face of the Cardinal Cloud Program. The purpose of this program is to facilitate the nimble and secure use of cloud services at Stanford. Our charter succinctly captures the strategic objectives, guiding principles, and success metrics of the program.

We listened

Serving the needs of our community is paramount, so the Cardinal Cloud team listened to your concerns. Here’s what we heard:

  • Cost is the greatest obstacle today to cloud adoption. Community members need help in understanding, monitoring, and controlling cloud computing costs.
  • Researchers want access to the latest technologies, including specialized tools provided by cloud vendors.
  • Practitioners want to get up and running in the cloud quickly and easily.
  • Security protections should be built into cloud solutions, and it should be clear which services can be used with which data risk classifications.

Vision and guidance

The Cardinal Cloud program is advised by a council of eight senior leaders representing research computing, academics, clinical care, and enterprise IT.

The program’s executive co-sponsors provide vision and direction — Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Privacy Officer, Michael Tran Duff, and Deputy CIO for Stanford Health Care and the School of Medicine, Michael Halaas.

Looking ahead

Our Cardinal Cloud journey is just beginning. This is what we’re developing next to further the goals of this program:

  • InstaCloud: Get up and running in minutes with cloud-based servers and storage.
  • Cloud Navigator: Obtain the individualized consulting assistance you need.
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