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The Latest and Greatest SALLIE is Here

Monday, April 15, 2024

If you’ve visited SALLIE (Stanford ALL-Image Exchange) this month, we hope you noticed the updated look. But more than a facelift, SALLIE has transformed into a new digital image management platform with a robust set of features, including:

  • Modern, easy-to-use search capabilities
  • Highly structured metadata to improve findability
  • Cloud-based asset management, no longer requires asset managers and editors to install a desktop client
  • Managed, time-based access for assets shared with external parties, e.g., agencies, freelancers, and the media

To get started using the new SALLIE, go to, and click Log in with Single sign-on to initiate Stanford authentication. 

Curious about what else is different with the new SALLIE? Read on for a few more specific highlights.

UComm Curated

Sifting through the approximate 1 million Stanford images on SALLIE to find a campus beauty shot could feel like a daunting task. University Communications (UComm) created a path to help clear obstacles like this. Introducing UComm Curated — an asset library with refreshed options for common image needs. UComm Curated replaces the venerable Stanford Selects catalog from the legacy platform.

Permissions and user roles

Access on the new SALLIE has also evolved to meet various needs and offer greater control over user experience. Take a look at the following various roles and permissions:

  • Stanford Community is for anyone with an active SUNet ID who wants to share and download assets from the general Stanford Community folder/category.
  • Members are equivalent to “Department Users” in old SALLIE. They can share and download assets from Stanford Community and department-owned categories.
  • Library Administrators (equivalent to “Asset Managers” in old SALLIE) can share and download assets from Stanford Community and own folders/categories. They can also upload assets to Stanford Community and any folders/categories within their assigned organization.

If you have questions about your access permissions, please submit a Help request.

Training and support

Using SALLIE doesn’t require training, but you can find more information and resources on the SALLIE service page and embedded within the application itself.

If you run into challenges using the new platform, submit a Help request to the SALLIE support team

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