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Stanford ALL-Image Exchange (SALLIE)

SALLIE (Stanford ALL-Image Exchange) is Stanford's campus-wide system for managing and sharing digital assets (photos, videos, and other files) used for communications. SALLIE is based on the Cumulus digital asset management platform from Canto.

Groups and departments at Stanford use SALLIE to store and manage collections of digital media assets, primarily photographs, using the Cumulus software to organize and “tag” files with metadata. Departments then have the option of making some, all, or none of their assets available to the rest of the Stanford community via the SALLIE web interface.

Stanford community members seeking photos to enliven websites, brochures, posters, or other media can log in to the SALLIE website to find and download images shared by various groups and departments. Metadata stored with each image provides information about usage rights and restrictions.  

SALLIE is available for use by any school, department, or organization with a direct Stanford University affiliation. SALLIE is primarily intended for storing and managing communication-related assets; it is not intended for research, academic, or other types of digital assets. SALLIE is not available for personal use by individuals.


  • Centrally maintained system available for use by all Stanford groups and departments
  • Secure storage for digital assets with regular backups of assets and metadata
  • Cumulus software supports upload, management, and asset tagging capabilities
  • Optional ability to share assets via the SALLIE website
  • Provides a repository of shared images for use by the Stanford community

Designed for

Current faculty, staff, and students


Anyone with a SUNet ID can access the images shared via the SALLIE website. Use of the Cumulus application to store and manage digital assets requires a full-service SUNet ID.

Data security

May only be used to store Low Risk Data, as defined by the Information Security Office. Images in SALLIE are for non-commercial university purposes only.


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Last modified January 24, 2019