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Global IT Research from Gartner Available to Stanford Community

Monday, September 14, 2020

Gartner informs and empowers you by providing research and analysis on IT-related topics in easily relatable terms

If there’s one constant for those of us at Stanford involved in information technology, it is that nothing is constant except change. That’s why access to the Gartner IT research library is a game changer. This indispensable resource for all IT professionals can improve your IT-related decisions and save you an incredible amount of time while doing so.

And at least through this academic year, University IT will continue to make it available to all Stanford faculty, students, and staff (including those at SLAC) at no charge.

More Gartner resources for Stanford

In addition to the Gartner IT research library provided by UIT, University Human Resources provides the Stanford community with access to two additional Gartner modules:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing and Communications
For more details on these modules, visit Cardinal at Work.

What’s available

Recognized as a global leader in providing accurate and regularly updated research for the IT industry, Gartner’s IT research library delivers detailed information on technologies, services, and industry trends.

“Gartner’s research is a valuable resource used by the IT community across campus and around the world,” said Stanford CIO Steve Gallagher. “It helps inform our technology roadmaps and provides insights into an extensive range of business technology domain areas.”

Gartner offers the combined brain power of 1,200 research analysts and consultants who advise executives across the world in many fields. The organization publishes tens of thousands of pages of original research and answers hundreds of thousands of client questions every year. The latest trends are analyzed and discussed in terms everyone can understand, taking the “hype” and “myth” out of technology.

  • Vendor ratings
  • Emerging technologies
  • Educational articles
  • Industry statistics
  • Current IT trends
  • Cutting edge research

Accessing Gartner’s IT research library

For several years, access to the Gartner IT research library has been available to the Stanford community through a streamlined Stanford portal.

Accessing the portal is easy. Simply visit and log in with your SUNet ID.

“We want to spread word of the availability and value of the Gartner IT research library as broadly as possible so even more of our colleagues can take advantage of the service while it’s available,” said Gallagher.

Whether you’re trying to stay current and or looking forward to the IT needs and tools of tomorrow, check out the portal soon.

For more information

For more information about the Gartner IT research library, visit the portal or submit a help request.

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