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Frequently Asked Questions about the New Zoom Password Requirement

Transition smoothly and navigate updated and auto-generated passwords
Tuesday, June 23, 2020

All Zoom meetings now have passwords, including meetings you may have already scheduled and personal meeting rooms. This is a requirement imposed by Zoom and supported by Stanford University to further enhance security and prevent intruders from joining meetings. 

We’ve created a list of frequently asked questions to help you smoothly transition to this important new security requirement, whether you are a meeting organizer or host or a participant.

What happens if I forgot to add a password to a meeting that I created before June 23?
Zoom has automatically added a password to your meeting, but has not updated the meeting invite. So, you’ll need to navigate to the Zoom web portal to view the new password and then communicate the password to your meeting participants.
How do I view the password that Zoom has auto-generated for my meeting?
To view a meeting password auto-generated by Zoom, navigate to the Zoom web portal and follow these steps:
  1. Click Meetings from the side menu and select the appropriate meeting.
  2. Under Meeting Password, click Show.
How do I update my meeting invite to share the new password with meeting participants?
It's important to update the meeting invite, especially if your meeting is a series. To do this, navigate to the Zoom web portal and follow these steps:
  1. Click Meetings from the side menu and select the appropriate meeting.
  2. In Invite Link, click Copy Invitation.
  3. Edit your Outlook calendar invite by deleting the details of the existing meeting invite and pasting the new information containing the password that you've copied.
  4. Save the changes so that an update will be sent to all invitees.

Note: You have the option of editing the meeting to change the password auto-generated by Zoom. It’s recommended that meeting passwords be numeric and at least six-digits. For more detailed instructions on how to add or edit a meeting password, refer to How to Add a Zoom Password to an Existing Meetings.

How do I join a Zoom meeting that has a password?
If you join the meeting using Zoom’s desktop client or web browser, you won’t need to do anything differently. The link that Zoom generates for new meetings will have the password embedded in it. You’ll join a meeting just as you did before, by clicking the link. If you join by phone you’ll be required to enter a password to enter Zoom meetings. The password will be included in the auto-generated invitation to the Zoom event.
What should I do if I’m unable to join a Zoom meeting because I don't know the password?
You should contact the meeting organizer directly and ask to be provided with the password so you can enter the meeting. The meeting organizer is the person who sent you the invitation.
Are passwords required for Zoom webinars ?

Based on customer feedback, Zoom has decided not to require passwords for future webinars. However, when the password requirement was deployed, Zoom inadvertently applied it to webinars. That means that upcoming webinars may have passwords. Zoom has indicated that they expect to be able to resolve this issue and remove the password requirement from webinars by the end of July.

In the meantime, Webinar organizers should provide passwords to participants.

Is there a quick way to view a meeting password after the meeting has started?
You can quickly view your meeting password after a meeting has started by following these steps:
  1. Click the Meeting Information icon in the top left of the Zoom meeting window.
  2. The meeting password will display under the Host.
I use the G Suite calendar. How do I update my Zoom plugin to ensure passwords are included?
Follow these steps to update your Zoom plugin and ensure passwords are included:
  1. Click the Zoom scheduler plugin in the upper-right corner of your browser.
  2. Click the gear icon to open the settings.
  3. In the Password section, click the checkbox to Require meeting password.
  4. Repeat this process for all browsers in which you have this plugin installed.
How can I learn more about the password requirement and other Zoom updates?


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