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Changes to Login and Two-Step Authentication Experience Coming Soon

Monday, August 15, 2022

The look and feel of Stanford’s web login and two-step authentication will soon change. This update is part of a Cardinal Key rearchitect that will simplify your experience by removing the dependency on cookies.

There’s nothing you need to do to prepare for the new login and two-step authentication process. You’ll notice a few screens that appear a bit different, but everything will work much the same as now and will stay just as easy to use.

Changes to the login experience

If you use Cardinal Key, the current Stanford login screen you’re familiar with will be replaced by a “Select a certificate” pop-up. If you see the “Select a certificate” message shown below, simply select “OK.”

If you do not use Cardinal Key, there will be no change to your login experience. You’ll continue to enter your SUNet ID and password on the Stanford login screen, as usual.

Changes to the two-step authentication screens

For websites and applications that require two-step authentication, you’ll see a revised browser-based authentication prompt. The new prompt is no longer embedded on the Stanford login page.

If you choose Push as an authentication method, a login request will be sent to your device — and you’ll respond just as you do now. You can also select "Other options" to choose one of the other options that are available to you.

Here’s a comparison of the authentication prompt you see now and the updated screen.

Duo screen "Check for Duo push"


Once you have authenticated, you may be asked if you want to trust the browser. An updated “Trust this browser” screen replaces the current “Remember me for 90 days” screen.

Duo screen "trust this browser"

Explore more

We’ve created a webpage about the new screens and flow where you can find more details about the transition.


If you have questions, please submit a Help request.

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