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Big Opportunities to Learn about Big Data

New Tech Training Classes Available
Monday, October 21, 2019

University IT Technology Training is now offering a series of classes designed to give newcomers and beginners more insight into the field of data science. 

The classes introduce learners to real-world applications of data science, insights into the value of data science in business and academia, and an overview of how new tools and techniques are making data science a key asset for workplace decision making and operations. Topics include big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, and Python.

What you can expect to learn

Classes will focus on:

  • How to mine data sets and predict patterns 

  • How to leverage the basics of machine learning 

  • How to apply the power of data to forecast and make predictions

  • How to improve business processes, reduce wasted time, save money, and make better informed business decisions

  • How statistical models, analytic studies, processes, algorithms, and systems can be used to extract relevant and important insights

How the learning experience is designed

Class enrollment is limited to 16 participants to ensure an engaging and highly interactive learning experience for all.

Class offerings include single-day to three-day options depending on the content of the course. Data science classes are offered in person at both the historic and Stanford Redwood City campuses, as well as online.

View class schedules and sign up today


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