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Align Your Teams with Smartsheet

Simplify your work management tasks with real-time collaboration, visualization, and automation features
Friday, July 17, 2020

Managing work shouldn't get in the way of getting the work done. That's why so many teams across Stanford have chosen to use Smartsheet to simplify tasks. 

Unlike more traditional solutions, Smartsheet has baked-in functionality that provides collaboration and automation opportunities that let you spend more time completing tasks and less time managing them. And you will be able to share your sheets with infinite collaborators, even if they don’t have a Smartsheet account.

Premium features and added support

Did you know that – through an enterprise license UIT maintains – you, and fellow students, faculty, and staff at Stanford can take advantage of premium features and added support?

If you’ve been thinking about trying the cloud-based tool, here’s more good news: UIT is offering the use of Smartsheet from now through the end of October 2020 at a pro-rated cost.  This is an opportunity to take the app for an extended test drive to see first-hand how it can help you efficiently manage and communicate the information you use to do your work at Stanford.

Team-wide visibility into workflows

With Smartsheet, you can assign tasks and track progress. You can also add comments, attach documents, and request updates from within the sheet. The information is captured in the tool, so everyone gets real-time visibility into what’s on point and what’s coming next in a workflow.

Mary Ayers, director of Learning Spaces and the Immersive Learning Center at the Stanford University School of Medicine, began using Smartsheet about five years ago.  She notes that Smartsheet’s capability to automate processes has been a game-changer.

“Smartsheet helps us streamline our whole scheduling process. During the annual scheduling project that we undertake in the summer, Smartsheet allows us to show our status using the dashboard. The tool solved many of the gaps and redundancies around communication and collaboration that we had previously,” said Ayers.

Template solutions

Smartsheet has many free resources available in its Solution Center to help you get started efficiently. This includes templates for return-to-campus planning that can be leveraged to provide a single place to assess, track, and communicate guidance around COVID-19.

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