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Smartsheet: Switch to the Stanford Site License


In October 2015 University IT purchased an enterprise license for Smartsheet, the popular online project management /collaboration tool.

Stanford community members who currently have personal individual licenses for Smartsheet are invited to switch to the Stanford enterprise license to take advantage of the benefits of the centralized offering.

Why switch to the Stanford enterprise license?

Switching to the Stanford enterprise license offers many benefits:

  • Prioritized end user support from Smartsheet (via
  • Enjoy unlimited sheets, reports, dashboards, forms, and file storage.
  • Access to Smartsheet Dashboards
  • Ability to track solution adoption, updates to content, sharing, and more via Activity Log
  • Access to the Smartsheet Center of Excellence training portal
  • Access to future premium features on Smartsheet’s current roadmap
  • Access to Stanford's Smartsheet Customer Success Manager for assistance with your Smartsheet goals and objectives.
  • Ability to create automated actions such as approval workflows, update requests, and more
  • Stanford-specific programs and training.
  • Live data connector capability (connect live Smartsheet data to analytics tools such as Tableau or Excel)

What happens when you switch?

Here’s what you need to know about switching to centralized Smartsheet at Stanford:

  • When you submit your request, your existing account will be added to the Stanford license. Smartsheet will no longer bill you for use of your individual license.
  • You will be asked to provide a departmental PTA on the request form; your PTA will be billed a pro-rated amount based on the annual $225 per license fee. Licenses are automatically renewed on November 1 each year (Stanford's Smartsheet contract renewal date).
  • Your existing sheets, reports, and templates in the application will continue to be available for use when you switch over.
  • Once your license is moved over, you can begin accessing Smartsheet directly via The site uses single-sign-on (i.e., Stanford Web Authentication) to identify and log you in. No more remembering a separate login ID and password!
  • You will notice that some administrative options for your account will no longer be available, particularly the option to add/remove licensed users. This function is controlled centrally for the Stanford licensed application, but you still have the unrestricted ability to invite individuals to view/collaborate on your sheets.

Getting started

When you’re ready to switch to the central Stanford site license for Smartsheet, go to the Stanford Software Licensing Webstore and place an order for a Smartsheet license. 

The University IT AS Tools Team will merge your existing license with the Stanford enterprise license and contact you to confirm when the merge is complete.

Have Questions? Submit a HelpSU request.

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Last modified December 5, 2019