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AFS Class Volumes Will No Longer Expire

Effective Feb. 1, 2024, AFS class volumes get a special exemption and will no longer expire on a yearly basis
Wednesday, January 31, 2024

University IT (UIT) encourages professors and instructors to use Canvas for their class file storage and communication needs. For those who prefer to use Stanford’s Andrew File System (AFS) volumes via Course Support, we also continue to provide support for this service. 

In recent years, AFS rolled out the AFS Volume Expiration Policy to manage its footprint.

Beginning Feb. 1, 2024, in support of faculty needs related to scholarship, teaching, and learning, AFS class volumes will be exempt from the expiration process and will no longer need to be renewed annually.

With this change, email notifications about the expiration process will no longer be sent to class volume administrators. Class volumes that were scheduled to expire have been renewed, and existing class volumes that had expired or locked down have been restored.

This exemption only applies to AFS class volumes. 

Group and department AFS volumes will continue to go through the annual expiration process and receive related email notifications.


If you have questions or need help related to AFS, submit a Help request.

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