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2019 Campus IT Plan Fosters Collaboration and Alignment

Monday, May 20, 2019

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of hundreds of staff in the Stanford IT Community, the 2019 Campus IT Plan is now available.

The Campus IT Plan, now in its second year, is expected to be published annually. IT staff from 22 Stanford organizations contributed by publishing nearly 500 IT efforts that are expected to be completed in the coming year.

“This is a significant accomplishment,” said Stanford CIO Steve Gallagher. “We were able to leverage the collaboration and momentum from last year, and build on it to create an even more robust plan this year.”

The overall purpose of the Campus IT Plan is to surface opportunities for alignment among the IT Community by giving visibility into what others are working on. In turn, the IT Community can better serve the Stanford Community by working together to align more closely with the university’s overall mission.

“The Campus IT Plan has gone a long way in deepening collaboration and knowledge sharing, and has strengthened bonds among CIO Council members,” Gallagher said.

New plan components

CIO Council’s strategic goals

New to this year’s plan are 10 strategic goals developed by the CIO Council. These goals were identified to set a common direction for the IT Community over the next three to five years and collectively advance the university’s technology capabilities.

The IT Community will make progress toward those goals through individual IT efforts, reflected in the Campus IT Plan, combined with various initiatives and activities led by the CIO Council and its workgroups.


Another new component this year are Campus IT Plan summits, hosted by various IT units and sponsored by the Campus IT Plan project team. The summits are facilitated opportunities for IT professionals to connect with others who are working on similar projects in order to generate new ideas, problem solve, and network.

Each summit focuses on a particular strategic area from the Campus IT Plan. So far, they have covered Content and Data Management, and Teaching, Learning and the Student Experience. More summits are being planned for later this year.

“The summits are a great opportunity to engage directly with colleagues from other schools or units who are solving similar problems,” said Molly Sharp, Campus IT Plan project lead. “People appreciate the easy way to gain visibility into the work, and to meet people they had previously only exchanged emails with.”

Learn more and get involved

If you have a question about the Campus IT Plan or any of the new elements discussed in this article, contact the Campus IT Plan project team.                

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