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UHR Slack Channel Honors Spirit of Former Co-Worker

Tuesday, March 3, 2020
Mike photographed at the UHR holiday party.

The University Human Resources (UHR) team has found a unique way to use Slack to continue the cherished practices of a beloved co-worker after her unexpected death. 

Each Wednesday, Marilyn, who was the receptionist for UHR, would put a stuffed camel on her desk to celebrate “hump day,” a point mid-way through the traditional workweek. 

After Marilyn passed away, her co-workers found a fun way to honor her tradition by taking the stuffed camel, nicknamed Mike, to various locations on the Stanford Redwood City campus on “hump days.” They’d playfully pose Mike and take his photo during the escapades.

Members of the team would then post Mike’s photo along with a few words to encourage camaraderie or optimism, or an inspirational quote, on the UHR-chat channel. With that,  all UHR staff members are able to view the post and share comments or emojis. And typically, a lot of heart emojis appear each Wednesday as Marilyn is fondly remembered. 

Not only is Marilyn’s legacy honored in this way, but the weekly ritual also serves as a way to keep the team unified and emotionally connected. Mike has recently “attended” events on the historic campus, too!

Everyone in UHR thinks Marilyn would be tickled to know her mid-week fun is continuing, and Mike seems to like his adventures visiting our different locations!