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Stanford Secure Wireless Network

Your device's wireless connection must be registered in the Stanford network database (NetDB) before you can register it for the Stanford Secure Wireless network.

See the Wireless Network and Services page for instructions on how to register your device in NetDB.

The Stanford University secure network uses a secure authentication mechanism known as WPA2-Enterprise and 802.1X. This security mechanism protects your user name and password. In a wireless environment, it also protects your data with network encryption.

Your network connection requires specific settings in order to use the Stanford Secure network. Stanford uses a tool called Xpress Connect by Cloudpath to automatically configure your network settings. After your device's initial configuration and connection, subsequent connections to the Stanford Secure network are automatically authenticated and connected.

Device configuration

  1. To download and install the Xpress Connect tool, go to, click Stanford Secure Wireless, and follow the setup instructions on the screen.

    download the setup wizard

Connect to Stanford Secure

Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and above

  1. After your Mac has been configured, the Profiles (for Stanford Secure WiFi Device Configuration) window displays. Close the window.
  2. Click the Airport icon in the menu bar and select Stanford Secure. (You may have to wait a minute or two for the network to appear.)

Windows 7 and above

  1. When the wizard has finished with the configuration, a message saying that you are now successfully connected to the network displays. Click Done to exit the wizard.
  2. Click the network icon in the notification area.
  3. In the list of available wireless networks, verify that your wireless network is Stanford Secure. If it isn't, click Stanford Secure and then click Connect.




If you need assistance, please submit a Help ticket.

Last modified February 24, 2017