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Hardware Program Learning Center

Materials to help you get started with placing an order or managing a request

Guide for Placing Orders

Whether you're placing an order for yourself or someone else on your team, follow these three simple steps below.

1. Access the Hardware Request Portal

Accessing the Hardware Request Portal begins with understanding your local organization's guidelines. Depending on your organization, you may be allowed to access the portal directly to submit an order; some organizations may require that the portal is accessed only by select local teams. The following pages are the starting points for those participating in the program:

Not sure about guidelines for your organization? Check with your department administrator or local IT about requesting a free consultation with the hardware program team.

2. Select computer, monitors and/or accessories

Choose from the recommended hardware options within the portal. Depending on your organization's guidelines, custom orders may require certain approvals. 

3. Track your order

Once you submit the order, you can follow its status and communicate with the assigned technician through "My Tickets" in the Services and Support Portal. 

Go to the Services and Support Portal

Guide for Fulfilling Orders

Our service is designed to both guide and partner with you from order to deployment. To help understand what takes place once an order is submitted, refer to the following resources about request management in ServiceNow, and how your local IT will interact with the process.

When an approved order for a computer and/or accessories is placed, the request (REQ) first arrives in the ServiceNow queue for the hardware program team. In this video, you’ll see the steps the hardware program team takes in ServiceNow to move the request along.

In this video, you’ll see the steps local IT takes in ServiceNow once a technician picks up the equipment for an order.

This video walks through the final steps in ServiceNow taken by the hardware program team to process and retire any returned equipment, before the remaining tasks are automatically completed to close out the request.

Navigating Request Structure in ServiceNow

Understanding the request process in ServiceNow is key to fulfilling orders and managing hardware lifecycles in the program. The infographic below breaks down the high-level structure of a request. Keep in mind that several teams can be responsible for different roles throughout the workflow.