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Get quick answers to the frequently asked questions about the Stanford University Hardware Program


How do I submit an order for a new computer, monitor, or accessories (mouse, keyboard, headset, etc)?

To get started with your order, access your organization's Hardware Request Portal, which begins with understanding your local organization's guidelines. Depending on your organization, you may be allowed to access the portal directly to submit an order; some organizations may require that the portal is accessed only by select local teams. The following pages are the starting points for those participating in the program:

Not sure about guidelines for your organization? Check with your department administrator or local IT about requesting a free consultation with the hardware program team.

Refer to the materials on the Hardware Program Learning Center page for more detailed instructions on placing and fulfilling orders.

How can I check my order status?
  1. Log into the Services & Support portal (
  2. Go to My Tickets from the top menu to view your hardware request(s). Computers, monitors, and accessories will appear as separate tickets.
  3. Click into a ticket to view details and communicate with the assigned technician for updates.
Who can order an individual computer?

Faculty and staff. (Students are not included at this time.)

How long will it take for my computer to be deployed to me after I order?

All organization-defined standard models are in stock and are recommended for fastest delivery. Non-standard models may not be kept in the hardware program inventory. Once ordered, they are subject to the vendor’s delivery time, which may be different for each model. This may result in deployment times exceeding three weeks.

Who has to approve my order?

Automatic approval occurs when a purchase is within your organization’s program guidelines (e.g., standard models, eligibility requirements). Manual approval is required for purchases outside of your organization’s program guidelines (e.g., non-standard models, eligibility requirements).

Approvers will receive an email that prompts approval in Oracle Financials System. An example of an approver might be your manager or a member of your organization’s finance team.

How do I cancel my order?

Reach out to your local IT with your REQ number to cancel your order. You can also communicate directly with the assigned technician on the ticket details page from My Tickets in the Services & Support Portal.

Can I make a personal purchase through the hardware program?

No; however, you can find the lowest-available education pricing on Stanford-selected custom configurations at the Stanford Bookstore’s Cardinal Technology Center, Apple’s online store for Stanford or the Dell Store for Stanford.


What is the recommended equipment?

The recommended equipment will differ by organization. You can access the list of recommended equipment through your organization's Hardware Request Portal.

Don’t see a Hardware Request Portal for your organization? Check with your department administrator or local IT about requesting a free consultation with the hardware program team.

Can I request a device that is not on the recommended equipment list?

With the hardware program’s premium service offering, non-standard, or custom, orders are allowed upon approval. The organization will pay the difference in price between the standard hardware offering and the specified model requested. 

What is the pricing for equipment?

Pricing is based on the requirements of your organization and is discussed at the initial consultation.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a new computer?

Eligibility requirements are defined by your organization. This could be based on factors like the original purchase date and the age of the system of our current computer. Contact your local IT to inquire about your organization's program guidelines.

What do I do with my equipment if I’m leaving the organization or upgrading hardware?

All computers and accessories through the program are the property of Stanford University and must be returned to your local IT when a new computer is assigned or upon employee separation. Equipment is held for two weeks before the data is wiped and evaluated for recycle or surplus. Any exceptions require a business need and organizational approval.

My computer has stopped working and I’m unable to do my work until my new computer comes in. Are loaner machines available through this program?

The hardware program does not directly offer loaner equipment. Check with your local IT about organizational support options.

Will my equipment be shipped to me?

Local IT manages the deployment of hardware to users, which may include on-site pickup or shipping of equipment.

What’s the process for returning equipment?

The equipment return process may differ by organization. Contact your local IT to inquire about your organization's program guidelines.