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Stanford University Hardware Program

Stanford’s campus-wide solution for managing the lifecycle of department computers and computer accessories

The Stanford University Hardware Program (SUHP) relieves your department of the procurement administrative burden associated with purchasing new work computers and standard accessories for faculty and staff. Under the program, UIT manages procurement and inventory management, and quickly and securely gets the equipment to your IT support team for configuration and deployment.

With SUHP, your department gets a consistent and efficient procurement process that can reduce turnaround time and often reduce costs. You can customize particular aspects of the service to meet your local needs.

Included Support

Decorative image showing phases of SUHP lifecycle. Plan, procure, fulfill and retire are handled by UIT. Deploy and manage are handled by your department. Additional text on this image is included below.

From ordering to deployment, our team is here to help guide the process. With the service we:

  • set up a web portal where only your faculty and staff can easily select among standard equipment configurations that your department specifies or enter requests for non-standard equipment
  • maintain an inventory of your standard equipment to ensure quick delivery
  • fulfill all incoming requests based on your local approval process
  • answer and resolve questions your faculty and staff have regarding ordering, fulfillment, status, etc., throughout the process
  • get the equipment to the appropriate team or person (e.g., your IT support staff, the individual user)
  • provide regular reporting and metrics

Additionally, we can provide you with communication templates to help you transition your faculty and staff to the new process.

Note: The SUHP handles procurement, inventory, and delivery tasks. You still need your IT support team to configure, deploy, and maintain the equipment.


  • Manages procurement lifecycle (e.g., requests, procurement, inventory management) for primary computers and accessories requested by your department’s faculty and staff. Can also handle requests for secondary computers at your department’s discretion.1
  • Specifies recommended standard computer models and accessories (as specified by your department) for cost-effective pricing. Can also process requests for custom/non-standard equipment.2
  • Maintains inventory of recommended equipment for quickest delivery.2
  • Handles requests for new and replacement equipment, including lost, stolen, or damaged computers.
  • Refresh equipment based on a schedule pre-determined by the department, or individual exceptions approved by the department.
  • Includes standard accessories: dock, monitor, keyboard and mouse, headset, and webcam.
  • Relieves local staff from performing related procurement coordination and inventory activities for covered equipment. Relieves local IT support staff from defining computer configurations for each individual request.
  • Delivers consistent reporting and metrics that allow departments to predict and better forecast their budgets for new and replacement equipment.

1 Costs for equipment ordered through the program are not covered by the agreement and must be funded by a central account specified by the department or through individual accounts provided at the time of the request.

2 Pricing and deployment times vary with customized models. Departments pay the cost for the equipment ordered regardless of whether standard or customized model.

Designed for

All university schools, departments, and administrative units.


Your department must be part of Stanford University.


Pricing is based on the requirements of your department and is discussed at the initial consultation.

Get started

Your department representative starts by requesting a free consultation to discuss specific needs. We will create a draft agreement that includes equipment details and program costs for you to consider. We’ll work together to ensure the agreement meets your specific needs.

To get started, simply request a free consultation with our team. We’ll get back to you quickly to set up a meeting time and start building a draft agreement for your review.

Get help

For more information about the SUHP, contact our team by submitting a help request.

Last modified May 27, 2021