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Coming Soon: MySQL Database Hosting in the Cloud

University IT is moving the MySQL Database Hosting Service to the cloud in the coming months. While it will still include all of the features and functionality of the current on-premise platform, below are some key differences to note.

What's changing in MySQL?

Different URLs 

The URL for accessing the MySQL cloud platform differs from the legacy MySQL console.

New Dashboard

The new Dashboard in the cloud will allow users to request, view, and manage database accounts all in one place.

Cloud dashboard

New Request Account Screen

In the legacy console, users must agree to the terms and conditions before completing the form requesting an account. In the cloud platform, the Service Agreement (terms and conditions) is now part of the Request account formThe new form will include a link to the new Service Agreement (terms and conditions) that requesters must review and agree to before submitting the request. 

Cloud request account

Legacy request account

Last modified September 15, 2023