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Cloud Gateway

Extend your Stanford network to the cloud

In September 2024, rates will change for several technology services provided by University IT. View FY25 rate changes.

The Cloud Gateway service provides a way to extend private Stanford IP address to UIT-supported cloud providers, thereby extending the Stanford network to the cloud. Currently, the service is available for clients of Cloud Account Management Services Amazon Web Services, with plans to extend the service to both Google Cloud Platform and Azure.


  • Extension of Stanford private IP addresses 
  • Quicker and more efficient method for connecting back to campus
  • Centralized NAT Gateway service
  • Aggregated VPN tunnels provide up to 5 Gbps throughput (bandwidth could increase depending on utilization)
  • High level of resiliency by using multiple Active-Active VPN tunnels
  • VPC to VPC connectivity
  • Access to Qualys Vulnerability Management is similar to what is available on campus
  • 24/7 monitoring of network health
  • Encrypted data traffic between Cloud Gateway and Stanford campus routers via the tunnel 

Please note this service does NOT include a firewall.

Designed for

Currently, the service is available for clients of CAMS AWS, with plans to extend the service to both GCP and Azure.



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Get started

If you have an existing environment you need to re-IP your resources.

Request a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud account

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Last modified January 13, 2022