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Requesting Circuit Services Is About to Get Easier

October 6, 2023

University IT (UIT) offers Point-To-Point copper and fiber circuits to extend your carrier or internal services from one building to another.  

Copper Circuits are available on the Historic Campus between most buildings and our carrier hand-off locations at 319 Oak Road and tentatively in late 2024 in our new ECH under construction at 253 Bonair Siding Road.  Copper circuits are also available on the Redwood City Campus from our Electronic Communication Hub at 905 Barron Avenue to each of the buildings on the Redwood City Campus.

Fiber Circuits are available in our carrier meet points (listed in the copper circuits) and our Electronic Communication Hubs on the Historic Campus as well as in most buildings on both the Historic Campus and Redwood City Campus.  Additionally, we have a limited capability to provide a circuit between the Historic Campus and the Redwood City Campus.  There is also an option to tie into the City of Palo Alto's Dark Fiber infrastructure and then extend these dark fiber circuits from our two entry points on the Historic Campus.  

All leased fiber is known as “Dark Fiber” - we provide the point-to-point connection on our fiber, and the client plugs their equipment onto our fiber at the desired campus locations.  The fiber circuits are all Single Mode Fiber.


Features of Copper Circuits

  • Available in almost all buildings on the Historic Campus
  • Available in all buildings on the Redwood City Campus 
  • Available to extend your carrier services

Features of Dark Fiber

  • Available in almost all buildings on the Historic Campus
  • Available in all buildings on the Redwood City Campus 
  • Diverse and dual paths are available
  • All Single Mode Fiber
    • Virtually unlimited bandwidth (limit is your electronics attached to the endpoints.

Additional services include the maintenance and management of the university’s 

  • Copper and fiber infrastructure
  • underground conduit systems between buildings and Electronic Communication Hubs (ECHs).

Designed for

Current faculty, staff, and vendors affiliated with Stanford University, Stanford Health Care, and Stanford Children's Health


  • Active SUNetID (non-student or postdoc)
  • PTA for university and cost center for hospital


Circuit Rates

Get started

Get help

Fiber Service Level Agreement 

  • Stanford University IT (UIT) will make reasonable efforts to deliver continuous Fiber Optic Service to its clients, but it does not guarantee uninterrupted Service. UIT will not be liable for interruption of service or any loss or damage occasioned thereby. ​
  • Stanford University IT (UIT) is responsible for the activation, operation, and maintenance of the Dark Fiber Circuit from endpoint to endpoint within the Stanford UIT fiber optic cable infrastructure up to the hand-off point/patch panel in the building(s) or demarcation point(s). UIT shall provide the customer with the path details to the client after the complete circuit has been built and tested.  Any path changes will be discussed with the client prior to installation.  ​
  • To report issues, clients must submit a Help request or call the Help Desk (650-725-4357) to open a ticket.  Please include the circuit ID. University IT (UIT) will troubleshoot and repair the circuit as necessary. If the circuit is deemed intact and/or other items are found not in the UIT fiber optic cabling infrastructure, UIT may request an account/PTA to compensate for the time incurred at the published labor rates.​
  • This agreement will remain in place until the client places a delete circuit order.​
Last modified March 4, 2024