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ID Card Swap FAQ

The Card Services team is increasing access control security on campus. As part of this effort, the team has upgraded all wired card readers on campus and is now in the process of replacing old Stanford ID cards with new ones that are compatible with the upgraded readers. The card replacement effort will be done in phases across the university.

For more information, see the FAQ below or visit the ID Card Swap page to determine if you need a replacement card, and instructions for doing so.

Do I need a new Stanford ID card?

For those using Stanford ID cards for building access, determine if you need a new card:

  • On the back of your ID card, at the bottom, is a number.
  • If there is an “–E” in the number, (e.g., 6*123456-E) then you do not need a new card.
  • If there is no “–E” in the number, (e.g., 123456, or 6*123456) then you do need a new card.


Card with an "E":

Cards with no "E":

Visit the ID Card Swap page for instructions instructions on your card swap.
How do I sign up for a new card?
Browse the current Card Swap schedule and locations for your building on the Card Swap page. Submit a request to sign up for a card swap at least two days in advance of your requested date.
Why are we getting new cards?
The older cards on campus send information in the clear when communicating with a reader. The new card has a smart chip that uses a secure channel that is encrypted, hashed, and signed when communicating with a reader.
Will my access stay the same?
Yes, your access remains the same. Any central campus systems that uses the registry to load data will stay the same. Local or department systems not using the registry for data will need to be updated manually. Examples are Trilogy locks from the Lock Shop, the LBRE Gas Pump, Traka boxes, and 500 Broadway in Redwood City.
Do my spouse and/or dependents need a new card?
The libraries and gyms will retain the ability to use the cards issued to spouses and dependents.
Should I go to the ID Card Office now?
Yes, if your card does not have the -E on the back or you can sign up for one of the swap days at a building near you. Dates are listed here.
What about my Go Pass?
Stanford no longer uses the Go Pass; access has moved to the Clipper Card. Please keep the Clipper Card and your Stanford ID card in separate holders, they interfere with each other and won’t read if in the same holder. To request Go Pass on your Clipper Card, submit this request form.
Why is my card not reading through my wallet?
The old cards had a read range of about 15 inches and could work with some obstruction such as a wallet or purse. The new chips are more secure and have a read range of only about 3-4 inches. They don’t work well with obstructions and will not work through most wallets or purses. If you keep your card in a holder with your Clipper Card or hospital badge, you will need to pull the card from the holder to use with a card reader. Another suggestion is to keep the card in a separate holder but on the same clip. 
Which buildings require new Stanford ID cards to date?
All of Jordan Quad, 3145 and 3160 Porter Drive, all of Engineering, all of GSB, SRCF, 408 Panama, all of Chemistry, and all of Biology. Green and Bing Wing Library employee entrances have been configured, the turnstyles remain open to all cards.
Last modified October 19, 2018